Chemical Peels in Charlotte, NC

Chemical Peels in Charlotte, NC

Chemical peels are a non-surgical cosmetic procedure that exfoliates the skin to improve its texture. They remove damaged outer skin layers, reducing imperfections such as fine lines, acne scars, and hyperpigmentation. Chemical peels can be performed on different body areas and are suitable for anyone who wants to enhance their skin’s appearance, address skin concerns, or achieve a more youthful and radiant complexion.
Chemical peels provide gradual skin tone and texture improvements, with full benefits taking several weeks to appear. The duration of results depends on the type of peel, skincare routine, and sun exposure, lasting from a few months to a year on average. Following a proper skincare regimen and sun protection is essential to maintain and prolong the results. If you’re in Charlotte, NC, consider scheduling a consultation with Miramae to discuss your specific needs and goals.


PCA Sensi Peel

This mild solution is formulated primarily for ethnic skin and other extremely sensitive skin types. This peel will strengthen and brighten the skin while addressing sun damage and other hyperpigmentation (skin discoloration). This is also an excellent peel for helping to calm rosacea, as redness and inflammation can subside after treatment.

PCA Ultra Peel

It is formulated to treat dehydrated, maturing skin. Moderate to aggressive exfoliation can be experienced, depending on number of layers applied.

PCA Peel with Hydroquinone & Resorcinol Exfoliating Treatment

This peel is excellent for active/cystic acne and oilier, thicker, or sun-damaged skin. It is a deeper peel with more exfoliation.

PRX Peel

Experience skin transformation with PRX peel, a cutting-edge TCA (Trichloroacetic Acid) exfoliation treatment. This procedure gently peels away damaged skin layers, targeting fine lines, sun damage, age spots, melasma, acne, and uneven skin tone. Tailored to your needs, PRX peels vary in strength, offering rejuvenation that reveals a smoother, more youthful complexion. Optimal results come from four sessions, spaced one to two weeks apart. Discover a refreshed glow and renewed confidence in your skin’s appearance.

Benefits of Chemical Peels

  • Smoother and more even skin texture
  • Reduction of fine lines 
  • Minimized appearance of acne scars
  • Improved skin tone and color
  • Enhanced collagen production
  • Diminished hyperpigmentation and sun damage
  • Decreased pore size
  • Increased skin hydration
  • Boosted self-confidence
  • Safe and customizable treatment options


Chemical peels are suitable for individuals with various skin types and concerns. Ideal candidates include those looking to address signs of aging, acne scars, uneven skin tone, or texture irregularities.

Results typically become noticeable within a few days to a week after the peel, with ongoing improvement over several weeks. 

The duration of results varies but can last from a few months to over a year.

Downtime can range from minimal to several days of redness and peeling, depending on the depth of the peel. Possible side effects may include temporary discomfort, redness, and mild swelling.

During a chemical peel, a professional will cleanse your skin and apply the chemical solution. You may experience a tingling or burning sensation, which subsides briefly. The treatment typically lasts about 30 minutes, and you can resume most of your normal activities afterward.

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