Waxing and Tinting in Charlotte, NC

Waxing and Tinting in Charlotte, NC

Waxing and tinting are highly popular beauty treatments designed to enhance the appearance of your skin and features. Waxing is a hair removal method that involves applying warm wax to the targeted areas with unwanted hair. The wax adheres to the hair and is swiftly removed, taking it with it. This method provides a smoother finish compared to shaving and tweezing, with results lasting for weeks. It’s a suitable option for anyone seeking a longer-lasting solution to hair removal, delivering results typically visible immediately after the treatment. 
Tinting, on the other hand, involves adding subtle color to your brows and lashes, enhancing their definition and complementing your overall look. This procedure applies a safe, specially formulated dye to the eyebrows and eyelashes to match them with your hair color or desired shade. The tint typically lasts for several weeks, making it a convenient and low-maintenance option for those seeking a more pronounced look for their eyes. At Miramae in Charlotte, NC, we specialize in waxing and tinting services, ensuring a comfortable experience and exceptional results.

Waxing Areas


Achieve the perfect arch and shape with our professional brow waxing. Our skilled technicians will sculpt your eyebrows to complement your unique features, giving you a polished and defined look.

Tweeze Only

Opt for our tweeze-only service for a precise and detailed touch-up. Our experts will delicately tweeze away unwanted hair, ensuring a clean and well-groomed appearance.


With our efficient lip waxing, say goodbye to pesky upper lip hair. Experience smooth and soft skin around your lips, enhancing your overall facial complexion.


Smooth out your chin area with our gentle chin waxing. Banish unwanted hair to reveal a sleek and flawless chin line, elevating your facial aesthetics.

Full Face

Enjoy a comprehensive facial transformation with our full-face waxing. From brows to jawline, achieve a smooth complexion and a radiant, fuzz-free face.

Under Arm

Ditch the razor and embrace the confidence of smooth underarms with our underarm waxing. Experience a longer-lasting solution to hair removal, leaving your underarms silky and irritation-free.

Benefits of Waxing and Tinting

  • Provides long-lasting smooth skin
  • Reduces hair regrowth density over time
  • Enhances facial features with defined brows and lashes
  • It saves time and effort compared to daily shaving or tweezing
  • Minimizes risk of cuts, nicks, and razor burns
  • Promotes a cleaner and polished appearance
  • Reduces the likelihood of ingrown hairs
  • Safe and suitable for various skin types
  • It gives you a confident, refreshed look
  • Customizable to match your preferred color and style


Both waxing and tinting suit individuals looking for a longer-lasting hair removal solution and enhanced eye definition.

Results for both waxing and tinting are typically visible immediately after the treatment.

Waxing results can last 3-6 weeks, while tinting results usually last several weeks.

Minimal downtime or side effects are associated with both treatments. Some may experience mild redness or irritation, which usually subsides quickly.

Before the treatment, ensure the skin is clean and dry. Afterward, follow aftercare instructions provided by the technician, which may include avoiding sun exposure and specific products.

A skilled technician will carefully apply the appropriate products during both treatments, ensuring your comfort and delivering the desired results.

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